David was suffering from chronic knee pain and swelling. Going from crutches to literally climbing mountains, he has transformed is mind, body and spirit!

Bill was into sports and exercise his whole life. A long-time firefighter, he was severely injured on the job. After numerous surgeries, Bill decided to try Biohackers Health and Fitness for some new and alternative methods to heal naturally. Biohackers gym’s staff was able to help get Bill back on track and help him get back to the things he enjoyed doing.

Denis is focused on his health — both maintaining and improving it. Biohackers Health and Fitness has given him the opportunity to exercise both efficiently and intensely, while recovering strategically through the use of the ARX machine, which centers on adaptive resistance. Denis is excited about his future here at Biohackers, especially with our state-of-the-art equipment and enthusiastic staff.

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